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OC Ska Kids


Thanks for checking out our website! We formed in the summer of 2016 and haven't stopped since. Since then, it has been non stop fun. We pride ourselves in being a very hard-working DIY band who produces and engineers our own music. As a matter of fact, our first release, "Episode I", was actually recorded at over 7 different places including Lucas' dorm room at LMU, Lucas' house, Starbucks, and our friends houses. We dig ska music and know that no matter what happens, it will never die out.

Our influences range from all over the place, including funk, punk, math rock, reggae, soul, and much more. We don't really hold on to a specific type of ska, so we just like to say we play ska music of all types whether it be ska punk, reggae, rocksteady, crack rock steady, classic ska, 2 tone, or third wave ska. We just like to dance and have fun.


Vocals / Nick Ciulla

Guitar / Carlos Austin

Bass / Lucas Jakobi

Drums / Tosh Peterson

Trumpet / Chad Barnett

Saxophone / Bridger Caicedo

Organ / Jose Perez


OC Ska Kids Proudly Endorse:

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